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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My sandwich tastes like love

So, I've been really really sick all week. (Look out, it's swine flu!!!!) So, my dearest darling has been taking care of me, because that's what he does.

This morning, he made my lunch so I could have extra time to be miserable before going to work. That was great, and it made me happy.

When I opened my tupperware this afternoon, I found he'd even gone so far as to cut it in half for me. It put the biggest smile on my face, even though I'm a big girl, and can eat whole sandwiches. I just got a kick out of how much he cared about me.

And Monday, my lovely parrot was talking at the phone. He knows what a phone ringing is, and he'll hold a one-sided conversation based on what he's used to hearing. "Hello? Oh, hey! What's going on?" And on and on. But when offered a phone, Aleister just wants to chew on it.

Monday, my old man was talking to me, standing next to my bird. He'd offer Aleister the phone, and my little boy would pin his eyes, and try to be aggressive, and chew on it. Once the phone was back at my old man's ear, Aleister would start his one sided conversation. Through our cell phones, he sounded exactly like me.

It was so precious, and it put a huge smile on my face, and it just made my day. I love my birdie.