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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Guess what?

My morning was starting off fairly well.  Woke up feeling rested; it's a little overcast and breezy outside; kitty wanted snuggles; my darling man brought me cereal in bed.  Just the night before I had finalized a design for little flyers to litter book stores with.

I was thinking these were all very good things, and I was pleased with them.  Until I opened my email.

That, my dear friends, is my book, available on Kindle.

It's coming out.  It's technically kinda out right now, for lucky Kindle owners.  (Even I'm behind the times, and don't have an ebook reader)  Other formats should be trickling in shortly.

But until then....

.......OMFG my book's on the Kindle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!