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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doctor Who

The new season of Doctor Who started in Britain.  I guess it starts in the US in a few weeks.  But I'm watching it on the British schedule.

There's a new actor playing the Doctor.  I wasn't sure how I was going to like him, but only two episodes in I've already decided I like him.  He's bringing in just enough of David Tennant's Doctor to not be jarring, but is already making the character his.  My only quibble is that he isn't all nerdy cute with fangirl appeal.  He's actually pretty horse-faced.  8P  But he's acting is cool, so I forgive him.

The head writer also changed, and, WOW, the difference is immediately noticeable.  Like last night's episode....just fantastic.  I was tearing up waiting for him to make the choice.

And the Dalek's are back.  And the quantum assassins.  I LOVED the quantum assassins.  They were so unique, and cool, and completely awesome.

I would love to write for Doctor Who.  I know, I've published a paranormal romance, and my short stories are fantasy, but that doesn't mean I don't have a love for the sci fi/fantasy that is Doctor Who.  It's a great universe, and so much room for new things, and different characters and adventures.

And, well, Captain Jack's in there, which makes all things better.  And I'm dying for Torchwood season three.


  1. I've been trying to reserve judgement on the new Doctor until I see a full episode, but I haven't been impresseed by what I've seen on the trailers. We'll get the first episode here in Canada on the weekend. I can't wait!

    And I think it's high time Captain Jack stops moping and starts rebuilding Torchwood! :-)

  2. OMG< I am DYING for new Torchwood. SO long as it's nothing like the garbage mini-series movie. That was garbage.


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