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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Morgan Chronicles

~He's not telling the full truth.~  Rhaelgyr's voice was tense.  The focus of the connection was enough to give me a mild headache, and I couldn't suppress a frown.

~I know.  This doesn't feel right.~  I smoothed my brow.  ~We'll see how this goes.~

"What did he do?  Is that where I lost my memory?"  Hopefully Besedie hadn't noticed the pause where I'd been talking with the dragon.

"The whelp had the audacity to demand access to the archives.  He was persistent, and kept at it until you relented.  You saw no harm in teaching him more, and gave him what he asked.

"I realized he was using you, that he was only acting like your friend."  My father sighed, lowering his eyes.  "As much as I disapproved, I allowed you to keep him, and I overlooked much of what you'd done.  You were happy, and that's all I wanted.

"But Steven began abusing his power, slipping away from you, torturing the lower castes.  He went back amongst the humans, teaching them ways of enlightenment and power.  He began arguing with you in public, openly defiant.

"I confronted him when I realized how bad it was.  I asked him to leave, to not see you anymore, and it enraged him.  He lashed out with wild power, throwing a Chaos tantrum.  Steven leveled many buildings before I got you and he away from Setia."

Again, I had stirrings of memory, but also lingering doubts.  He wasn't telling the whole truth.  Rhaelgyr crossed his arms behind me, also picking up that there were lies.  Neither of us were ready to call Besedie on it, though.

"His attack broke the portal, and we were all stuck Between.  You were trying to stop him, to keep us apart.  Steven wouldn't stop, and I only wanted to protect you."  He paused, fighting a well of emotion.  "But you were hurt.  Bad."

"What did you do then?"  I was genuinely interested, leaning forward.  I tried to deny my need to know about myself, but I was burning with curiosity.

Besedie's voice was a whisper, tears in his eyes.  "I tried to send you home.  But for all my knowledge, I am not skilled enough to manipulate the Walls well enough.  You were moved from the fight, but I didn't know where you went.  With Steven continuing to rage, I couldn't follow you.  By the time I subdued him, you were long gone."

"Did you look for me?"

His hesitation spoke volumes.  "Of course.  And when I couldn't find you, I sent a token to guide you home."

"The necklace."

Besedie nodded.  "Even if it didn't bring you back, it would give me a chance to find you."

Rhaelgyr growled across the link, but remained still.  ~What's wrong?" I asked, not taking my eyes off my father.

~Steven's coming.  Kurlog with him.~

There was no hiding my surprise then.  Something was going to go wrong.