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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Zombie apocalypse - Take it or leave it?

I'm enjoying The Walking Dead, despite some of the (what I think of as) plot holes.  Like why no one's really acting like a survivor, or why everything seems like it's still in the outbreak stages, or why Rick's wife is such a bitch.

And I like the first Resident Evil, and the remake Dawn of the Dead, and definitely like Army of Darkness.  I like zombie movies to a certain degree.

But really only to a certain point.

Zombies don't interest me that much, and they're certainly not scary.  They're more like mildly irritating, especially if they're the slow kind.  The movies and stories and problems all tend to revolve around the immediate period after outbreak, and also depend heavily on the characters being stupid.

Granted, a lot of people aren't going to survive if their co-workers are going to turn on each other.  And it would be pretty damn traumatizing to have to put down your own family members.  Maybe it's just because I'm really strange, but I don't find the idea of a zombie apocalypse that scary.  It's somewhere just above killer bee swarm for me.

One thing I never see in zombie stories is people armoring up, or properly arming themselves.  Guns are okay, but not your best weapon against zombies. Give me some machetes any day.

And put on some heavy clothing.  Biker leather, or thick work khaki, or motocross gear.  Hell, even just several layers of flannel.  Something to keep from getting bitten long enough to get them off you.

So, while people dying in the droves has its entertainment value, there's no real depth for me in the scenario.  Hole up in a defensible place, keep yourself armed with blades, and survive.  Set traps, block them off, or even get the hell out of town.  It's not like a horrible airborne disease, or like radioactivity, or something you can't really control.

Even in a city of almost two million like Vegas, it's only a matter of time before you could kill them all.  You could certainly keep your local grocery store protected.

Some of my lack of fear could be because in a zombie war, a lot of the surviving is dependent on your own wits and abilities.  Can you run, and kill, and protect yourself?  Then you can win World War Z.  Granted, it would suck if my roommate came at me, all zombified and craving brains.  And I'd cry, and be mournful after I killed him.  But trauma is not the same as fear.

Ghosts scare me way more than zombies.

So how do you feel about the zombie apocalypse?