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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Empathy as applied to driving

An old man tried to cause an accident this morning. Yes, I'm fine, the car is fine, my husband (who was a passenger) is fine. Maybe the old man is off having a heart attack...but I suppose he is fine.

It took place at a double left turn lane. I was in the outer pocket, maintaining my lane. The old man decides he wants in the middle lane (mine), and just starts drifting over. Bumped the horn in warning, he ignored it. Layed on the horn, keeping my position, and he finally figured it out. Good thing, because I really had no room to avoid him.

And after I passed him, he preceeded to cross three lanes of traffic without a blinker. Some people.

Good driving skills and luck certainly saved us from an accident, but empathy helped out quite a bit. Yes, the ability to read the emotions of others, and to project one's own emotions. I do pick up emotional energy, and use it to be a better driver.

Today, not only did it give me the head's up that he was being a stupid person, but I was able to get his attention and make him aware of what he was doing. He still didn't understand he did something wrong, but at least he got back in his lane.

Granted, this sounds a little urban fantasy, but I don't need everyone to believe me. My husband does, and that's enough. Empathy exists, and we use it, and it's quite fun. In a quest to not withhold as much, I chose to share this little psychic skill with you.

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