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Monday, November 21, 2011

Lugh's Unveiling went missing

Or, at least it seems like my manuscript has gone AWOL. I had some personal issues that postponed it, and then so did my beta reader. I've gotten through stage one edits, and that's about it. I know which chapters I need to work on just to get the word count correct, but then I can't make myself go do them. It's sad.

To keep my mind off my inability to finish that book, I've been transcribing a different manuscript. It's called Nomycha, and doesn't need any major plot fixes...that I can see. It's fantasy romance, and I'd forgotten how close I'd come to the end when I had paused it last year.

That's kinda where I stand with my fiction, currently. I've been a little more focused on the unemployment and freelance nonfiction in the last couple weeks, so have been holding back on the fiction. A shame.