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Friday, March 16, 2012

#FridayFlash - The storm to come

Almost missed my flash this week. Been just one of those weeks for me, so I haven't done anything that I was supposed to. Silly me.

Anyway, something kinda brief and urban fantasy-ish.


She stood at the peak of Sunrise Mountain, watching the valley below her. Lights twinkled in the early evening as people went about their lives, ignoring anything that wasn't working, eating, or paying bills.

None of them bothered to look up at their impending doom.

Black clouds swarmed the desert sky, blocking the moon and stars. Their underbellies glowed orange from reflected city lights, giving them a lurid, surreal appearance. Thunder rumbled from behind her, but she didn't look to see what the storm elementals were doing over the lake. The display they were about to put on was more important, and required more of her attention.

Power crawled across her nerves as the first bolt of lightning arced. The elementals were ready, heavy with power, and full of the need to destroy. Humans had forgotten about the spirits in the world around them, and now that magic was returning, mortals would be made to remember. All the forgotten ones would be honored again, and mankind would no longer rule this world.

Winds gusted, howling with joy as the storm's fury prepared to unleash. Rain fell, fitfully at first, quickly becoming a torrent. More lightning arced, long ribbons of blue-white electricity connecting sky to earth. Thunder rumbled with spiritual laughter.

She watched, soaked to the skin by the downpour, and she laughed with them. Summer thunderstorms were always violent in this valley, yet only she knew how violent it was going to get tonight. By dawn, buildings would be toppled, people would be dead, and the stain of human decadence would be washed from the streets.

After her home was cleansed, she and her elemental force would move to the next blight. Others would join her, both spirits and other immortals like herself, and they would grow stronger. Nothing would stop them from ushering in this new age.

The storms danced with joy, leaving their mark upon the planet.