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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Short Story - Allies

She watched another of his old videos, and her convictions grew stronger. He was another Immortal, though not as far along his Awakening as others.

He has the charisma I do not, she thought. He has the attention of those I cannot connect with.

Did she want to be like him? Start an internet channel and post her thoughts, leaving the breadcrumbs of truth for others to find? Granted, the truth needed to be spread to beat their enemies, but she had never thought of herself as a truthspreader.

She did think of herself as a hero for her kind, for the other Immortals, and maybe she had the opportunity with this one. She could help him, coax him, and let him be the face of reason that the general masses needed. Her urge to eat the weak made her too dangerous to the weak cattle that watched these videos.

But he seemed comfortable broadcasting his message into the void of the ethernet. He might be able to bridge the gap that she seemed incapable of doing. Could he help spread her message? Perhaps she needed to reach out to him, to form an alliance.

She smiled deeply, knowing that she would do so. He was her interpreter, the priest he knew himself to be. Things were going well enough.