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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Movie review - The Rite

Take yourself back to 2011, and watch The Rite. Suspense/horror about exorcisms with a great Anthony Hopkins performance.

The main character, Michael Kovak, is not a complete believer, but it's that skepticism that gets him noticed for special exorcism training. Which makes sense; you need to be distanced enough from the subject to not label every weird behavior as demonic possession.

Anthony Hopkins becomes Michael's trainer, and his unorthodox methods make Michael more and more curious. He still doesn't believe, until weird things begin happening to him.

The movie slowly leaves the skeptic path, and begins to have an actual supernatural source. And that's where Anthony Hopkins really begins to shine.

Worth the view, so look it up and enjoy yourself. I can't say that it's actually scary, but it has some good tension and chills.

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