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Friday, March 15, 2019

#FridayFlash - Lost Little Lamb part 8

Violence broke out, and I could only watch.

Dirk lunged toward Albrecht, blade drawn. The dokkalf flicked a finger, and his side table flew at the hunter. Dirk blocked the piece of furniture, allowing Albrecht time to rise and retreat through his secret door.

Brenna, Chen, get in here!” Dirk took a moment to give orders. “Lamb, stay put.” He crossed the room and threw himself against the panel. It creaked but didn't budge.

We've got company.” Brenna's voice was muffled by the door, but her words were clear. “Maybe try joining us.”

Dirk swore vehemently, throwing himself against the hidden door once more. “He's getting away.”

Sounds of combat reached me. If I could hear them through the door, it must be a vicious fight. “They need our help.” I rushed to the door and tried the handle; locked. There had to be a way to get it open.

My leader joined me, grumbling and swearing. “The air reeks of dokkalf magic.” He pried at the lock with his blade, wedging the tip into the mechanism. Metal squealed, and the latch gave. Dirk ripped the doors open, revealing our comrades.

Brenna stood with her back to us, swinging her mace in an arc, keeping the shambling horrors at bay. Several broken creatures lay at her feet, one of them still twitching.

Chen fought by her side, protecting Aidan, his lightning-fast strikes disabling the creatures or driving them toward Brenna's mace. Blood stained the side of his face, proving the battle wasn't one-sided.

Dirk charged into position on Brenna's other side, swinging at clawed hands. “The bastard got away,” he growled between swings.

Aidan whispered a spell, and Brenna's mace suddenly glowed with light. The attackers, vaguely humanoid, shrieked and retreated, giving us a moment of respite. “Are we going after him?”

Brenna chased the throng of creatures back, clearing a path toward the front door if we wanted to escape. She grunted with each swing, but I knew she could keep at this for easily an hour. Not that it seemed like there were that many enemies left.

Dirk gritted one of the creatures, turning an ichor-stained face toward us. “Lamb, show him the door. See if he can get through while we hold them off. We'll hunt Albrecht down wherever he goes to ground.”

Our eyes met, our gazes locked for a long moment. The fierceness of his expression faded, softened to a look of love. Then he snarled and returned to combat, blood flinging everywhere.

I wasn't sure which expression I disliked more.

Aidan followed me to the hidden door, then laid his hands on the panel. He whispered words of magic, and I divided my attention between him and the rest of our group. This was one of the few times I felt helpless, useless. I wanted to be more than the innocent bait luring monsters from out of the shadows.

The hidden door clicked. “It's open,” Aidan called, pressing the panel back, exposing only blackness.

A whistle of cold wind came from the darkness, skirling through the room, making lamps flicker and the fire roar. A strange scent filled my nostrils, reminding me of Albrecht. I drew a deep breath, taking his aroma deep into myself, and let my eyes slip closed.

Aidan, we need you.” Chen's shout broke me from my reverie. “They're rising.”