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Monday, April 1, 2019

The Shalafae Archives - Satisfaction

Gets a little racy. Maybe outright naughty.


Dreaming the life of a slave girl in her father's past was exhausting. Morrigana need only attend the young man, remaining on hand to provide him energy when his own resources flagged.

Little had she realized how very hungry he was.

But tonight was a masquerade ball, and only pure Sidhehan could attend. Young Ulrin had no need of a body slave in the middle of an orgy anyway; there would be plenty of others for him to feed on.

So Morrigana relaxed in her little suite of rooms. This Dream, as her father called it, would let her live a period of six months as his first dragon slave. Once the events were finished, she would wake up in his arms.

Until then, the bybrid had to act the proper part. "Master" and "my lord" instead of "Father" and "husband".

It's hard to not react. Kissing and touching him is almost habitual. She sighed, and drew a bath. Only three more months. Morri undressed as she waited, stalking proudly though her rooms. Only when alone could she be herself.

Morrigana had one leg in the claw-footed tub when the inner door opened. No one else would use Ulrin's door, and he wasn't expected back for hours. The assassin went on the defensive, wishing she could have a blade. "Who's there?"

"Don't you recognize your master?" Ulrin's voice was slurred, his movements unsteady as he entered the bathing room. He leaned against the door jamb and stared.

She didn't entirely recognize him. Ulrin was normally reserved, bordering into aloof, and kept his aura tightly concealed. The young Sidhehan in her doorway was dissheveled, emotions spiky and jagged.

"Apologies, Master." Morrigana stepped out of the tub and bowed her head. "I did not expect you back so soon. Is the part already over?"

Ulrin rolled his eyes, toying with the edge of his vest. His clothes were normally precise, his grooming exact. Buttons were missing, and his hair was pulled from its braids. "It was boring and a waste of time. Hedonism times decadence always equates to the same thing."

Morri kept her head down, holding still beneath the onslaught of his emotions. Though not as tightly bonded with this Dream version of her father, she still knew how his aura tasted when he was intoxicated. Hunger and lust stirred.

Unable to act on her desires, she continued the charade of slave. "Tell me where we head, and I shall dress appropriately."

His voice dropped to a husky drawl. "You're dressed appropriately now." Ulrin's hunger called to her own, and the hybrid flushed.

Feeding the young man had heretofore been non-sexual, merely vampiric. Though the taking of energy was arousing to her, Ulrin had made no sign it affected him.

"Master, forgive my boldness, but why are you here?" She met his gaze, trembling with suppressed arousal.

Ulrin's eyes were the color of blood tonight, ringed with kohl. They were heavy with lust, and caused Morri to shiver as he gazed at her body. "Do I need a reason to be with my slave?" Her collar pulsed, reminding her of his power.

But the half-dragon could not stay submissive. She wanted to pounce on him, to strip the young man bare and ride him for all he was worth. Six millenia is a long time to be together. My body doesn't understand this isn't really him.

Cocking her hip, no longer acting the entirety of her role, Morrigana tried to drive him off. "You left a ball full of beautiful young women, of your own race, to come stare at your body slave?"

He was not so easily deterred. "My own race is full of decadent fools, living only for the next empty pleasure." Swaying slightly, Ulrin took several steps toward her. "One orgy is like any other. The entertainments might vary, but they are still empty." He reached for her. "I wanted something substantial."

Her heart raced, and Morrigana almost lost control. Her father was absolutely beautiful in his Sidhehan finery, makeup slightly smeared, cheeks flushed with intoxication. The enamel on his long nails was luminescent, leaving tracers in the air as he gestured. Her heart wanted to run to him, but her brain reminded her this was all illusion.

"Substantial how?" A lump formed in her throat, strangling her words.

"Don't play coy," he barked. "I left those insipid fools because I want to fuck you. Now come here and kiss me."

Morri was across the room and in his arms before she was aware of moving. Silk and brocade pressed into her skin as she pressed tight against him, burying her hands in his hair. Desire raged so high she was already nearing orgasm.

Ulrin stumbled back under her fierce kiss, and they ended up against the wall. The young Sidhehan opened his mouth to her demanding tongue, but he was clearly surprised, holding back.

Any moment now, she thought. He'll growl and kiss me back and have me against the wall. Morri writhed against him, groin to groin, longing to free his erection.

She paused when his confusion became apparent. Ulrin stared in amazement, hands on her hips, lips flushed from her onslaught. Not all of his reaction could be blamed on the drugs.

Her blazing passion had caught him off guard.

Morri blushed, releasing her master and stepping back. "Many pardons. I forgot myself." How could I be so stupid? He has no idea what I am, or what we are to each other. He just wants an exotic lay.

Ulrin's eyes burned, his aura pulsing violently as confusion was driven away. Delicate brows drew together, and he kept his hands on her strong hips. "Are you asking forgiveness for doing what I ordered?"

She squirmed, needing him to be buried inside her. "I did too much, was going to do more. Violent things."

He stepped away from the wall, smirking. "You don't think I can handle a little roughness?"

Morrigana stared into his eyes, holding herself absolutely still. "Dragons are extremely violent. Sex and battle look very much alike."

His curiosity reared up, momentarily putting his lust aside. "To what purpose?" Ulrin's brain never stopped, even when high on drugs and holding a naked woman. His hands knew where they were still, and began squeezing and stroking her.

"To find worthy mates. No female wants a male she's stronger than, and no male wants a weakling for a female. So they fight."

And break bones, and draw blood, and arouse each other with every blow. Morrigana closed her eyes, chewing the inside of her lips. Her control remained tenuous at best.

Ulrin caressed her waist, her breasts, her shoulders, and finally cupped her cheeks. "Is there no tenderenss?" One thumb brushed her lower lip.

The Sidhehan were perverted, hedonistic, but they didn't have the fierce passions of dragons. Or so Father always says. "Nothing says love like a broken collarbone."

He grabbed a handful of her hair, wrenching her head back. "Show me."

Morrigana snarled, no longer holding back. Her father had to have learned to fuck dragons from someone, and she was more than willing to be his teacher.

She slashed his face, wishing she had claws. Ulrin gave a startled gasp, releasing her hair and dodging back. The hybrid's aura unfurled, mingling with his lust, offering him challenge. Growling, she snatched at his clothes.

The sickly albino boy was gone, thanks to the energy of dragons. Ulrin had grown stronger, had started fight training, had expanded his magical prowess. When she grabbed his wrist, he ducked and spun away, letting the garment pull free. Ulrin moved lightly into the other room, hands up in a defensive pose.

He's stronger, but still weak. She followed him to her bed chamber, noting how he moved, and saw the signs of exhaustion. The drugs have wreaked havoc on his last feed. Morri launched another attack.

They sparred, landing rough hits on each other. She stopped hitting him as hard, started giving him time to recover. His strength was flagging, but she wouldn't press the point. Outside of the Dream, she'd already accepted him as her mate.

"Don't stop now," he snarled, back against a wall. Blood welled from a split in his lower lip. His shirt was in tatters, hair wild around his face.

But he was also sweating and stumbling, remaining on his feet by willpower alone.

Morrigana drew a deep breath, setting aside her need for violence. "You can't continue this. I told you, dragons are too fierce."

Ulrin lunged forward, clasping a hand around her throat. The half-dragon gasped, surprised by the surge of energy he pulled from her. "You do not tell me what I am capable of."

Dizzy, she slowly collapsed to her knees. Ulrin pulled and pulled, feeding greedily. A small climax rippled through her and into him.

The mood changed. He stroked her face, his entire body radiating desire. "After the fight, how do they have sex?"

"From behind. But the fight is never truly over." Her juices flowed down her inner thigh, and she ached for his cock.

Ulrin forced her to the bed, then threw her facedown over the edge. His clothes were quickly shed, his cock soon at her entrance. "Anything else I should know?"

Morri whimpered, breathless. "Bite the neck." She scrambled to pull her hair out of the way. "If you fear your woman, then never let go."

The Sidhehan was more brutal than the rest of his race, more adaptable to the ways of passion. He slammed himself to the hilt into her cunt, pulling her to him by her hair. Morrigana screamed when he bit her neck, feeding and thrusting.

One orgasm was followed by another, and didn't stop until the couple were sore and sated.

Dozing off, Morri smiled. Did I just teach my father how to satisfy me?