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Friday, May 3, 2019

#FridayFlash - Breaking His Fast

Returning to some of my vampire roots, and bringing back up some characters that appear in the short story "Chatelaine" in stories with bite o,.,o  Even before that story, I had played around with these two, but all those stories were lost on an MSN forum in the way back of early internets. I might try to resurrect those stories as I look for a new novel idea. 


Urlvik would rise soon, and my heart raced in anticipation. I drew several deep breaths, attempting to calm myself, but they did little to soothe my nerves. It seemed like this entire week had been composed of nothing but nervous desire.

I touched my hair, making sure the coif was in place. Piled atop my head, three ringlets allowed to tumble along my neck and across my shoulders. I'd been taught how to set my own hair, but there had yet to be a need for such enticing styles.

Until last week. Until I'd been kidnapped. Until I'd met Urlvik.

This couldn't be real. I had to be dreaming, drunk and high on my vacation. Members of the First House didn't bond, weren't able to find vampires to serve. Thie bite marks on my neck, and elsewhere, must be fantasies induced by unrequited desires.

A soft step behind me told me Urlvik had risen. I turned, breath catching in my throat, and stared at the vampire. My lord. My master.

He was more than just handsome. Sculpted looks and silken hair, and the most sensuous lips I'd ever seen. Tall and strong, and with an air of power that raised hairs all along my body. Eyes that bored deep into my soul, straight to my heart.

"Melicent," Urlvik said, husky voice coiling through my entire being. "You look ravishing."

I blushed, biting my lip with one small fang. "I was hoping my lord would like it." Lowering my eyes, I clasped my hands behind my back. "Does he?"

The vampire's hunger filled the room like a cloud of sandalwood and mahogany, rich and thick and intoxicating. I resisted the urge to fall to my knees, but did shiver violently. Heat boiled in my center, desire raged, and I wrang my hands behind my back. His presence touched and stroked me as firmly and as expertly as his hands.

Urlvik approached with measured steps, his hunger pulsing, lapping against my soul. "My little dove is appealing. Very appealing. I have the oddest feeling that she couldn't wait to break our fast." His voice dropped at the end, nearly a growl.

I'd never expected to experience such a sensation, to have a lover's need nip at my skin, to share his longing on the deepest level possible. I struggled to breathe, losing myself in the moment, pulse shimmering. "I will leave, if my master would prefer to wait."

He growled his command. "Come here."

Time froze, and I stumbled blindly to the vampire, lost in a tide of need. Four days we'd had to wait for my strength to rebuild, our desires left unfulfilled and growing, lest the raging fire of our passions consume me. Dhampyrs were strong, but we were not immortal. Urlvik had set the length of our break, and I couldn't wait for it to be over.

He bundled me into his arms, crushing his mouth against mine. I parted my lips to his tongue, moaning as it stroked my small fangs. My tongue swarmed against his, moving into his mouth, against his full fangs. Fangs that needed to be inside my neck, spilling my blood.

Urlvik's hands travelled along my back, fingers digging into my flesh. One hand clasped my hips to pull me tighter to him, the other taking a handful of my coif. I wrapped my arms around his shoulder, clinging to the vampire as my legs weakened, knees threatening to buckle.

I cried out when he yanked my head back, arching tighter against his body. My cry was cut off when the vampire bit deeply into my neck. No teasing licks or lingering kisses, just straight for my blood. Tender loving would come later, after we sated this aching hunger.

Urlvik growled, swallowing, hands twitching where he held me. The sound of his pleasure traveled through my entire body, lighting up every nerve. I hung in his arms, rubbing my face against his, running my hands into his hair. I groaned deeply, lost in the moment.

He knelt, bearing me to the ground, growling deeper, pulling my head farther back to take a deeper bite. My cry died in my throat, not quite a scream, not quite a groan.

Waves of pleasure rolled through me, building with each heartbeat. I trembled, limbs weakening, letting Urlvik hold me, possess me, claim me. Each pull of his mouth shot through to my core, intimate on a level deeper than the mere carnal.

Being taken by the one you love, offering your life to them and trusting them not to hurt you, was a sensation that went beyond words. This was what I'd waited for my whole life. To feel complete, to know I sated the need of my partner. I was Urlvik's, and he was mine. He needed me as much as I needed him.

The vampire broke away with a growl, nearly a roar, and he kissed me, sloppy and still hungry. I kissed him back, weak and willing. "I love you," he whispered between breathes.

"I love you, too."