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Friday, July 5, 2019

#FridayFlash - Dwindling Shadows

Greg stretched slowly, groaning, joints popping. It was close to midnight, but he was in no rush to get up. He wanted to be lazy, take his time about everything. Enjoy the darkness while he could, drowse for as long as possible.

The smell of blood brought him fully awake.

He bolted upright, frowning, taking several deep sniffs. Maybe he hadn't really smelled it. Could have been a lingering figment of his dreams. Could have been his cologne, and his sleepy mind overreacted. But the more he sniffed, the more Greg knew it really was blood.

"Allison..." He sighed and rose, pulled on lounge pants, and went to check on his roommate. "What have you done this time?"

Though concerned over the smell, Greg left his room at a leisurely pace. Wouldn't do to startle Allison. Especially if she had company. He shuffled his feet, made sure to step on all the squeaky floorboards, and even gave an exaggerated yawn on the way to her room.

A groan reached him from downstairs.

Greg clearly didn't have to check her room. Grumbling to himself, he headed downstairs. Why was she making such a mess in their house? Allison brought her prey home all the time, but she was never so sloppy that he could smell them through closed doors.

He found her in the living room, face buried in the throat of some dark-haired man. A few pieces of clothing were strewn about, but they were mostly dressed. Fallen onto the couch, she stop him, his hands flexing on her hips and tight ass.

Greg paused and stared. Watched. Not just because the sight of her feeding and writhing were exhilarating, though that was part of it, but because she rarely exhibited such hurried behavior. She enjoyed playing with her food, taking her time with the seduction. Allison was not the kind to be blinded by lust like some horny teen.

It wasn't but another minute before the vampire reared back with a deep groan of satisfaction. Allison remained astride her man as she shook her hair out and smacked her lips. "Mike, oh, were tasty."

"That bodes well for me," Greg said. "I mean, it will, if he holds up in the freezer."

Allison whipped a glance over her shoulder, eyes wide. He was pleased to have caught her off-guard. That didn't happen very often. "Did I wake you?"

He chuckled and sauntered into the room, eyeing the now-deceased Mike. "Sure did. Smelled this all the way upstaires."

Allison rose and began straightening her hair and clothes. "Yes, well...sorry about that." She licked the corner of her mouth, then bit her lower lip. "I got a little carried away."

"I'll say. You're not due for another deep feed for another couple weeks, right? So what happened?"

She shrugged. "Pheromones, I think. Caught a whiff of him and I just couldn't help myself." Allison stooped to retrieve her blouse. "Is it going to be too much for you?"

He contemplated how much was left in the chest freezer in the basement. "I've got most of a leg from the last one. Maybe thirty pounds. And Mike here looks like he's about two ten. Full moon's still eleven days away." Greg's voice trailed off as he made calculations.

Allison kept tidying up clothes. "I can get rid of him one of the old ways if I have to."

The werewolf shook his head. "No, I got this. I've been needing to really gorge, but hadn't said anything. Didn't want to seem like a pig." Greg smirked and winked at his roommate.

Allison approached, smiling back. "Darling, you'll always be a dirty dog to me." She kissed him on the cheek. "But the best partner I've ever had."

Greg's smirk became a full smile as he wondered why their respective people hadn't teamed up long ago. It was like it was meant to be; she drank them, and he at them.