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Thursday, September 12, 2019

New release - Storming Area 51

I got caught up in the Storming Area 51 craze, like many many others. But I did so safely, with fellow authors at Black Hare Press.

We explored the darker side of what will happen, with the premise that aliens and other hidden secrets (redundant!) were unleashed because Stormers succeeded.

I have two stories available. One is shorter, about the event itself. The other is longer, exploring the results years later.
This was so much fun to read and participate in. I don't think of myself as a sci-fi writer, but I enjoyed exploring some soft sci-fi for this piece. "Into the Lungs of Hell" is more survival horror than about the science, and it certainly fit my mood when thinking about the upcoming event.

Check it out. Leave a review. Share with friends. Make sure you know the truth!