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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Storming Area 51 for FREE

Well, all the Naruto runners have finished their foolishness in the desert and nothing has blown up...yet. That THEY will admit to.

But it's still a good weekend to read up on our fictional version of what went down in Nevada. How can you pass up a FREE BOOK?!? (If you a pro-level reader, you'll even leave a review, no matter how brief)

 I have two stories inside. The first is a shorter accounting of the initial attack, from the perspective of John Nil inside Area 51. How do aliens get out? What happens when they do? Why can't the be stopped?

My second story is much longer, titled "Into the Lungs of Hell", about a paramilitary team fighting their way back into Area 51. Survival horror, alien monsters, fighting, killing, death.

Here's a little look inside the title that doesn't have any spoilers for the story. I played Starcraft with my husband a bajillion years ago, and we had found someone who made remixes out of the sound clips from the game. One of them was set to Megadeath's Into the Lungs of Hell, and tells a story that you don't have to have played the game to understand. I've always loved it, and when this opportunity came up, I knew I'd have to use it as the title no matter what.

Here's a YouTube link for someone's upload, just so you can know what I mean.