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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Movie Review - The Lighthouse (2019)

Not to be confused with the movie of the same name that was based on real events, I'm not sure this Lighthouse was based on being entertaining. It's just arthouse drivel masquerading as a descent into madness.

Willem Dafoe is pretty amazing, and that was the deciding factor on watching it. Not having a bad rating on IMDB helped, though it seems like most of them are fake. Or just trying to sound hip and smart by liking this movie.

Robert Pattinson CANNOT act. Not at all. I don't even know what the hell accent he was trying to do, when he was trying to do an accent. It kept coming and going; shame on whomever didn't tell him to just stop.

There's an attempt to be eerie and disturbing, but there's just a reliance on discordant noises and quick flashes of images. Oh, and twisted sexual imagery, of what may or may not have been a dream sequence. Their slow crawl into insanity might have been better if it didn't feel like the editor cut it together during an earthquake.

Not only didn't the ending have a resolution, none of anything leading up to the end made sense, so there was honestly no resolution that would have worked.

Utter pretentious garbage that has the audacity to consider itself art.