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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Movie Review - Man Vs.

Some concepts are so awesome, you kinda wonder why they've never been done before. And when writers also take a trope and use it in fun different way, you get a watchable movie like this.

Found footage movies have so much potential to work and use the camerawork for good things. But it's a super fine line, because it can also be absolutely terrible. Thankfully, THESE writers knew what they were doing.

Diamantopolous does a great job of being bombastic and crazy and exactly like we expect the host of such a show to behave. When things get real, his personality changes, and he has to use all the skills he's supposed to have.

Most of the movie is nice and tight, and is just about this one man and his struggles with the unknown. Action picks up at the end, and there is an awesome reveal for the very end that made me absolutely happy.

While the movie isn't deeply engrossing or cutting edge, it IS still a fun watch, and i loved where it went. A fun way to kill some time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Movie Review - VFW

I like Stephen Lang AND horror movies, so this movie hit all the right buttons for me before I even put it on. Then I saw it was from Fangoria, and expectations fluctuated. Surely this would become a gore-fest without much substance.

Pleasant surprises abounded.

Yes, there was plenty of gore and graphic violence, but there was so much actual character and story to this that I almost forgot it was supposed to be a horror movie. Through many scenes, I thought I was watching a drama about veterans and their struggles.

There wasn't a disconnect between the concepts, though. The horror worked well with the drama, and the drama gave a reason for the violence.

Plus, there was just enough cheese and camera work that made me feel like I was watching an 80s movie. In all the best ways, of course. It takes real talent to capture the feel and have a more modern story.

I'm putting this on a must-watch list, and think you should too.

Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Movie Review - What We Did On Our Holiday

I'm not normally one for heartwarming family movies, but David Tennant and Billy Connolly were enough to make me put this on in the background...and then I became enthralled and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Gratefully so, because how the movie actually played out didn't match the description.

Billy Connolly is great, as usually, and is the breath of fresh humor that works so well against how uptight everyone else is. He's immediately the grandpa everyone wishes they had. Irascible, humorous, and definitely has stopped giving a fuck.

David Tennant is great, of course, and I'm not just saying that because you always remember your first doctor. He plays the overwhelmed and distant so well.

The stars of the movie are the kids, though. They're so great, and the writers gave them so much to work with. Utterly believable, and they earned so much sympathy from me.

Yes, it IS heartwarming, as the trailer says, but there is so much more to the story. It's about loss and coming together and family and it just needs to be seen to understand. There's drama and humor and sorrow, and it is a perfect combination that isn't normally achieved.

I'd watch it again, and I certainly think you should watch it too.