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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Sketch

Working on getting back into painting. Maybe. Not sure if I'll get back into full paintings, or just stay in doodle realm

So I did this in one layer, just playing with the edges, and working it as quickly as possible, trying to get it sharpened up. I like how it turned out.


  1. That is very impressive! And you sketched this all by hand? It's so very vivid. I think you are doing excellent and letting your inner self lead the way in your expressions.

  2. Yeah, it's all with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop. So, I'm not even looking at my hand when I work. Tablet's in my lap, basically, and I'm tracking it on the monitor in front of me. Years of video games sure have helped the eye-hand coordination. ;)

    Thanks very much.


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