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Friday, November 6, 2009

November blog chain

It's that time of the month again. Another Absolute Write Blog Chain.

Being November, it's National Novel Writing Month. (I'm not
parricipating, but I am giving All Hallows Blood a serious revamp)
Our blog chain is all about our personal writer survival guide. Aimeelaine went before me, and she had a pretty straightforward list.

I think mine is fairly simple. I really just need my trusty Pirates of
the Caribbean notebook and a pen. With those, I can write anywhere
and everywhere. I write when at work while I'm taking calls. I write
curled up on the floor watching movies. I've written while stuck
riding the bus.

A computer is secondary. I use it only for transcribing my stories
once I'm done with the paper version. It's part of my writing
process, but not necessary. Same with music, or reading, or anything

Viva la pen and paper!

And check out Benjamin's NaNoWriMo progress.


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  1. Yet another person on this chain that fills me with immeasurable jealousy because of her ability to write anywhere – while at work on the phone – well that just boggles my mine. Oh and all the very best with the revamping of All Hallows Blood.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Wow! Only a pen and paper. I can't even imagine. Kudos on writing everywhere!
    Love Pirates of the Caribbean. :)

  3. It is interesting that you have put computer as a secondary. I love pen and paper writing, I truly do, however writing a book in it (I have done that a few times), I have always found it great inconvinience especially once I am several thousand words in.

    What I used to love about pen and paper was being able to write anywhere. But now I have got my netbook, which is just as easy and as flexible to use, so I use that instead. Makes life easier because I don't have to type everything later.

  4. My work frowns on laptops, so that would be eight hours a day i would lose.

    I lile having to transcribe everythibg: it forces me to notice sentence structure and word choice. Kind of zone out and realize I keep using a certain phrase.

  5. Sounds good to me, and I am happy that you just need your pen and paper for a story to unveil itself. :) I am the same. Sitting at a computer waiting for the story to unveil somehow doesn't do it for me. It just happens to come out all on it's own whenever. (Well it used to anyway.)

  6. Another pen and paper writer. I admit, I too sit at my desk and write while at work.


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