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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Author photo

So, as part of the whole publishing thing, I have to take an author photo. I'm not big on having my picture taken, so while I'd vaguely toyed with the idea, I'd never thought about what I would do.

Now I'm a little nervous about it.

How silly is that, being nervous of a photo? I mean, it's just a photo.

But it's the face I'm now going to be presenting to the world. And I'm going out this weekend to do so.


  1. If you need some ideas, let me know! I am a professional photographer and a personal photo is something I did right from the beginning. :) It's a valuable tool. Have fun with it. Be yourself and don't say 'cheese' when you smile. THINK of something funny so your smile is real. :) :)

  2. Something had actually hit me while I was in my fretting/planning stage. Put on one of my long black coats, perch on a rock all Raven-esque, and make it something very much me.


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