Saturday, January 9, 2010


Working out the plots of a couple other books I plan on writing, I realized just how heavily a part dreams play in my books. In Keila book 3 (still thinking of a series name, though may just call it Keila stuff), that's the way she and Varick communicate. In the rough draft I'm doing right now, the main character has visions, and she knew of the dark man she falls in love with. Similar thing with the other outline I have done up right now, though she has active dreams of him because they met when she was a child.

I like dreams. I like using them because they're a great way to do things. You can break rules of physics and realities in dreams. You can let the character know something, then take it all away. They're just fun.

Some of that may come from how important dreams are in my real life. When I was a wee little kid, I shared several dreams with my old man. We shared dreams while he was locked up.

Dreams are also where I get some of my inspiration. So dreams will become important to my characters, in one way or another.

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