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Sunday, January 17, 2010

January Blog Chain

Ah, the first blog chain of the year. Running a little behind, but I'm getting it up. 8P

Lindsay Currie went before me, and Forbidden Snowflake will be next.

Our theme this month is Guilty Pleasures. I like this topic, mostly because I have no guilty pleasures. o,.,o Well, none I'm guilty about.

I like everything I do. I wouldn't do them if I didn't like them. But there a couple that distract me from things I should be doing. Like playing WoW and watching movies.

World of Warcraft gives me and my fiance something to do together. He's way more into it than me, but we have fun together. I have no need to get uber and psycho about it, but it's still a good release, and there's much I can do with it. I like my hunter, and his snake.

I also LOVE movies. Can't express enough how much I like movies. They're so awesome, when done right. Sucky movies are just plain upsetting. But the good ones are like being teleported to a special place, and it magical.

So yeah, those are my "guilty" pleasures. Aren't I a stinker?

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  1. I'm much the same way--I don't care how cheesy/bad/geeky something is. If I enjoy it, I enjoy it (and talk about it). I've no shame in my interests. :D

  2. I love movies too. I dream of writing a screenplay so I can be a part of making a film but I worry it will take away the magic.

  3. I really like movies as well but hardly ever get to go SEE any. Grrrr....

  4. Another movie lover here. Esp if Cary Grant is the star.

  5. I'm like you, movie are a favorite! Kind of like books, I like getting lost in a fantasy world for a few hours. :)

  6. That's not fair! No guilt! No guilt! Wait! That's what I'd like to say about mine but alas ... guilt! ;) Enjoy your fun time with your fiance! That's great that you have a fun common ground on which to fight! ;)

  7. I agree with Aimee, no guilt is not fair! :-)

    I love movies too, almost as much as a good book.

    I think that's great that you and your fiance have fun spending time playing WoW together.

  8. I hope you've seen the YouTube video of the kid freaking out because his mother cancelled his World of Warcraft subscription. Be afraid. Be very afraid but only after you've laughed your @$$ off. LOL

  9. O.K. I can totally identify with getting crazy over world of warcraft. . . I have never played it but due to my addictive personality with the game Zelda, I think I had better steer clear!

  10. My guilty game is Sims 3. I feel the same though really, not much guilt for stuff I love to do.

  11. I love World Of Warcraft, really do, so I'm with you on that one. But I don't feel guilty.

  12. Guilt is an interesting thing. I'm a little too existential to be guilty about my choices.

    Besides, it's better to regret the things you did do than what you didn't.

    @AuburnAssasin: I've seen that kid a lot of times. We had someone in our guild that was just like him. We teased him about it for weeks.

    @Dolly: I like the Sims, but mostly just because I like designing things. I think that's why I like Roller Coaster Tycoon and Zoo Tycoon.


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