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Monday, March 15, 2010

March Blog Chain - Growing Up

Absolute Write's blog chain this month is about Growing Up.  Razib Ahmed went before me.  Collectonian is coming up next.

So, I wasn't sure what I was going to write for this month.  The idea of some whimsical anecdote about my childhood came to mind.  Even something about never growing up, and staying a kid forever.

Instead, not.

While printing out a bunch of flyers for my book last night, I was watching Labyrinth.  In the end, Sarah comes home after learning that she isn't an island, and a selfish child, and she grows up.  The first thing she does is start putting away her toys and her dreams.

And I think that defines adulthood for Americans, unfortunately.  (I can't speak for the adults in other countries ;)  )  Being an adult means you stop having whimsies, and stop dreaming of the future.  You buckle down and get serious.  There's no playtime for adults.

Adulthood does mean being responsible, and doing things that have to be done before doing things you want to get done.  I'd love to just stop working so I could focus on my writing, but I can't.  There's bills to pay, my family to take care of, and food to eat.  So I need a paycheck.

But I don't have to stop dreaming.  I have to put on my dress clothes, and act nice to my customers, and collect my check, and pay my bills, and do grocery shopping, and pay taxes, and keep myself sane.  I don't have to be just another wage slave.  I can act like them, but inside, I'm still whatever I want to be.

I dream of a better life, and I want a better life, and one day I'll probably get it.  In that way, I'm like a child.

Growing up doesn't need to be about putting away your toys, or conforming, or becoming another drone.  I collect stuffed animals, amongst other things.  My net of stuffed animals is ten feet long, eighteen inches deep, and eighteen inches high.  It's a great big hammock of toys, because I think they're cute, and I like having them.  It's not what adults are "supposed" to do, but it's what I do.

Being adult just means taking care of the responsibilities.  After that, be yourself.  Do what makes you happy.  And keep dreaming.

To sum up my point, check out this comic from XKCD.


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  1. That comic is a perfect way to describe our lives as adults. I am with you ... the responsibilities over overpower the "fun" but if you can compartmentalize and ensure fun happens too? Then that's the way to go! :)

    Congrats on your book, by the way! Been following along! How exciting!!!

  2. All I have to say about your post is Right On!!! And, congratulations on your book. I hope it becomes a success.

  3. Yes, and being a grown up means being able to stay up and watch all the David Bowie movies you want and nobody (but yourself) can tell you it's time to shut off the tv and go to bed. :)

  4. Bravo! My darling lady collected teddy bears. Not my cup of tea, but I started shopping for nice ones for her. When she passed, her two oldest and most favorite were cremated with her. The others adorn my apartment.

    Being grown up does NOT mean letting go of childhood's joys.

  5. Zahir, that is touching in so many ways.

    FreshHell, that is the PERFECT way to put it.

    Dee and Aimee, thank you thank you.

  6. I like to think that the only difference between adults and kids is the price of their toys. I know that's supposed to be "men and boys and the price of their toys" but it's a girly thing too.

  7. Adulthood is same almost everywhere. In third world countries, you have to be serious too about money. There is no social security and any accident or serious illness may make you bankrupt.
    I like your way of getting free from the pressure.

  8. Love it! I feel the same way. Don't tell me how to dress or what I should and shouldn't like or do based on my age! Ugh! I am who I am no matter what my age.

  9. "Growing up doesn't need to be about putting away your toys, or conforming, or becoming another drone."

    You've got it! Keep dreaming and reaching for the stars! Congrats on your book too!


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