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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

AW Blog Chain April

So, April's blog chain is what it would be like to meet your character.  Which is a fantastic question.  I'm really in the mood to talk about my characters.

First off, there would be meeting Keila.  She would be like a kick-ass, psychically powered version of myself, really.  Secretly shy, snarky, excitable, not aware of her own allure...yeah, all of it me.  Having a psychic blade, and stronger prescience, and an eight hundred year old vampire lover gives her an up over me.

(And that's not a spoiler.  Seriously.  He's the only other character mentioned on the blurb.  They HAVE to be a couple.)

So, there's Varick.  It would be awesome to meet him.  I did design him with all the little aesthetic button-pushes that really get to me.  Loooooooooooooong white hair.  Blue eyes.  Pale skin.  A little cold, but secretly very passionate and loving.  Straight nose, nice chin, tight tight tight lean body.  Tattoo.  Awesome classic car.

Why shouldn't he be the perfect man to meet?

Then there's his intellect.  And the fact that he's eight hundred years old.  And that he's a vampire.  And German.

Yeah, meeting him would be way better than meeting Keila.  Keila's awesome.  And would be way more awesome if she weren't just a version of me.  (Yes, tid bit Mary Sue there.  Every author does it.  Any who say not are lying!  And you can tel them I said so.)

But since Varick's got a lot of borrowed personality from my old man, I don't really need to meet him.

Though, meeting Kiyoshi from the second book would be awesome.  Delicious, shy, Japanese incubus.  Mmmmmmmmmm.  Just walk around with him on a leash.

Well, enough of my lustful(ish) ranting.  Check out Proach before me (also doing stuff with Rho's Odyssey), and AuburnAssassin is next.  Stop by everyone.  Love everyone.  Find out more about their characters.

Proach (me):
Forbidden Snowflake:


  1. So you don't really need to *meet* your characters as you already know them and have endowed them with characteristics to enhance and make them even better than they are now? :) So cool. :) Are you're very right about us writing ourselves into our characters. :)

  2. It's funny. Both you and Proach have created your dream men in your books. But that's what imgaination is for right? Cool characters!

  3. Lol. I have to agree with Ann Vevera. Dream men are a woman's dream. I think your characters come across as sexy. I would definately like to meet them.

  4. This is why I don't normally do the blog chain. My characters tend to be diametrically opposed to me, so any meeting between myself and my fictions would most likely end up with me as a red smear on the ground.

    I do like my characters, but in a "I hope I never meet them" way.

  5. Your characters sound very cool! I think your writing would be right up my alley :)


  6. I like the sounds of this Keila. Kickass and snarky are always fun reads, IMHO.

  7. Kiyoshi is the one who has me intrigued.

  8. The dream man sure sounds dreamy and the rest of the characters seem interesting as well.
    I am also intrigued by the little plot points you mentionned. Sure sounds like a good read!

  9. @Aimee: Bonus is that I never have to "argue" with my characters to get them to do something. I know how they're going to react, and there's no unnatural situations.

    @bigwords: I just don't know how to write characters that are opposite me. I don't think I could effectively make, for instance, a tiny little valley girl.

    @Zahir: Kiyoshi is the most dynamic character, actually. He changes as the series continues, growing out of a hundred years of sexual slavery. Keila and Varick just have little changes, but stay the same.

    @ De and Ann: what's the point of being an author if I can't make men exactly as dreamy as I want? I mean, I could make a real man, who is gross and self centered, and doesn't do things with his woman, but that wouldn't be a fun read.

    @ everyone else: Thank you thank you.

  10. Your description of Varick has me thinking of The Hunger. I think it might be lonely to still be alive after 800 years.


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