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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sketch: Varick

When I was writing All Hallows Blood, I had an image of Varick in my head, but he wasn't based on anyone.  Unlike Maksim in my current work (who looks like Orlando Bloom), Varick was just himself.  Tall, gorgeous, Aryan, I love my Varick.

And when we were making my cover, I despaired ever finding someone who looked like him.

My sister-in-law was going through another author's collection of hot guys, and found Heiko Wittek.  German model, and fucking GORGEOUS.  And when he's doing some intense look, he looks just like my vampire.

Finally got around to painting him.  Used Heiko as my model for Varick.  I like how his eyes turned out.  They were nice, because Varick's got sapphire eyes, and Heiko has awesome steel blue.  (My mom had the same color.  She's where my German genes come from.)

So, there's this.  Vampire goodness.


  1. I like him. Very good detail in the facial features. I did imagined him a little more muscular though. My father was German and I share the same facial traits-straight nose and the sapphire eyes you gave Varick.

    Great job, Raven!


  2. No, not super muscular. Definitely more on the lean side. Hugh Jackman or Jason Statham are even too large for my normal tastes. I much prefer the lean martial artist's kind of body.

    I'm Irish-German. My mom had the straight German nose, so she was very handsome. I got her square jaw and German cheekbones, and then Irish eyes and nose. I ended up more cute than handsome.


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