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Monday, September 6, 2010

Saint Valentine's Clash

I put out a bunch of copies of my book for review.  That's been going really well.  I've gotten nothing but good responses so far.  And authors need to be reminded they did a good job.

I just got this review back.  Awesomeness!

Once more, I was asked about the sequel.  I've been slacking on the rewrites on it, so shame on me.  This is most certainly going to be changed.

As I type, I'm concentrating on the next book.  Don't know for sure when it will be out.  I'm suspecting February.  February sounds good, yes?


  1. February sounds great! LOL...actually the sooner the better. ;-) I really look forward to reading Keila's sequel! Have a fabulous weekend, Raven!

  2. Edits are coming very quickly. You were the final straw to me getting my butt back in gear.

  3. Good Morning, I am a new follower from Follow Friday. You blog is fun I love the name. I love the written word and will read e-books as well as the hard copy, my first love of course a real book as I love the smell and feel. But reading is a passion and what keeps me there is the flow of words and ebooks are not different other then presentation, so I enjoy the stories as well. Thank you for sharing your site, and I will try to look of your book for reading. It sounds very interesting. If you get a chance please stop by and check me out at
    Thanks and have a geat day.

  4. Well, Wrighton, your review of Dragons In Our Midst caught my attention. Dragons are awesome like that.

    Thanks for coming by, and I started following you.


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