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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Some book reviews

Not reviews of my books, but me having thoughts on other books.  I know, it seems like I never talk about other books.  Unfortunately, I haven't done a whole lot of reading in the last year.  Probably read more in the last few weeks than I did the rest of the year.  :(

A shame, considering how much I've always loved reading.

But I'm catching up, and shall start sharing more of my booky opinions here.

Forsaken by Shadow by Kait Nolan is a really fun romp.  It's a novella written to introduce you to her world, and boy does it.  There's enough story and romance to keep you going, to make you want more.  Just enough description to let you know there's something very cool in her world, but there's so much more to want.  I never wanted it to end.

An Unwanted Hunger by Ciana Stone was just kinda meh.  It jumped too much between sex and plot, and they were entirely disconnected.  Like two different stories, intertwined poorly.  I did like the concept of the story, but it wasn't fleshed out or thought out enough.

WereSlave and WereSeduction by Lia Slater were naughty fun.  They were erotica that did blend with the (minimal) plot well.  And the sex was pretty damn hot.  Not to give out too much information, but I'm not exactly strait laced and vanilla, so I appreciated that there was more than just missionary sex.  Very hot and fun way to pass the time.

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins made me wonder why it's so damn popular.  The book was recently compared to Battle Royale over at Fangirltastic, and I have to agree.  It was a mix of Battle Royale and Gladiator, with a smidge of romance for no reason.  I like the idea of teens fighting each other; I've watched enough anime to prove that.  But this was kind of boring, and Katniss was not an enjoyable character.  I rather like being in the minority, but I wish I could understand why there's much raving about this.


  1. Good reviews, and honest. I thought about reading hunger games. You seem to have a thing with hunger, by the way. Anyway, I hate when books end up having romance that you know was only thrown in forcefully.

  2. Ugh, can't believe I missed this comment.

    Yeah, hunger was an unrealized buzz word.

    Tacked on romance is...painful. I mean, I love romance. I like people falling in love. But I don't like how badly handled and shoe horned it was. There was no need.


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