Monday, November 8, 2010

The Walking Dead

That's what I feel like right now; all mind-broken and bumbling and off.  Daylight Saving Time always throws me off, no matter spring or fall.  It is seriously time to do away with this retarded convention, and let the clock stay in place.  Arizona has the right idea.

Probably another week or so until I feel less worn out.

Big welcome to my new followers.  Amazing feeling, getting new readers.  *waves to everyone*

So, I am liking The Walking Dead.  Too bad it's only six episodes long.  I didn't realize that until today.  But there will be a second season.  So, joy on that.

Still waiting for the next seasons of Burn Notice and Breaking Bad.

There's a very wonderful feeling when you help a friend, when you make them happy.  To know that exact moment when their heart lights up.  It's great.


  1. Nice TV taste. Burn Notice is back this week.

  2. Thanks for being more up on TV than myself. I'm sure I'd have noticed, but now I can look for it.

    I just can't understand some of the shows people watch.


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