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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Confessions of a vampirephile

I love vampires, through and through.  I've loved them from a fairly young age, and it seems unlikely I'll ever change.  Especially not now that I'm a vampire author.

Give me those lean, mean, blood-sucking machines.  Let me be hunted and stalked, wrapped up, and bitten.  I'll freely give myself to the one I love, and trust him not to kill me.

Because that's part of the thrill for me; offering up my life and knowing it won't be taken.  The biting and the drinking take me right to the edge, and it's the trust that let's me play there.  Take all you need, because I will give it freely.

Since I'm such a vampire fan (or borderline blood fetishist, if you prefer), I have such a bad time dealing with vampires that won't drink from their lovers.  Or won't drink human blood at all.  It's a travesty, like the beast is being defanged.

I'm starting a mini-revolution with my vampires.  Foremost is Varick.

You will never hear him wanting to be human, or whining that he'll hurt Keila, or being too angsty to drink from people.  He's bold, stoic, sometime cruel, and expedient.  This hot German won't take guff from anyone, and does whatever needs to be done.

Doesn't mean he's not passionate, or loving, or capable of taking care of Keila.  He can still be a vampire without being a slavering beast.  Nor does he have to give up anything to fall in love.

These are the same traits I use for all my vampires.  None of them are going to be any less than what they are.

Join me in this revolution to vamp up the vampires.  Let's get them to stop sparkling and whining and turning into little wusses.


  1. I can understand how you feel. Until recently. I liked mortal heroes. Now, I've taken a liking to Werewolves and Demons trying to change their nature.

    So, like you, I suppose I have become a paranormal author. That is, I just published my first novel about a demon succubus trying to change her nature and find mortal love. Of course, mere mortals can't handle her kind of love-only a werewolf could survive her erotic intentions.

    It is amazing how you characters can become friends, and you can know them on such an intimate level.

    I like the fact that you let your vampires be vampires. I'm tired of reading about some teenage vampire who seems to have some uncanny ability to resist the temptation of mortal blood and cohort with werewolves.

  2. totally agree and All Hallow's Blood rocked ,but I have one question why did Keila keep referring to her parents using their real names instead of just mom and dad? and I love the story was in Oregon where I live hell yeah!

  3. @ JL: the cover looks good too.

    Plain mere mortals are hard to keep up with the supernaturals. And, unless seeking normalacy, why would a supernatural creature want to be with a regular person?

    I can understand older vampires being able to resist people, because they've had longer to learn self-control. Like a monk.

    @ Dani: I'm glad you enjoyed it. You've just made my day.

    Keila called them by their names because I was making a conscious effort to not seem too much like a young adult book. The first couple drafts, it was all Mom and Dad. Lots of Mom and Dad. But then I was trying to make her a little more mature, and changed it.

  4. Hello Raven,

    So I literally stumbled upon your blog today because of alerts I hv set for the word "VampirePhile", and I'm glad I did.

    I'm intrigued by what you had to say and I hv to agree as per some vampires needing to be re-vamped and re-fanged!

    Looking forward to following your blog and reading & learning more about your vampires.


    ~ Soni

  5. I can't wait to hear about how this vampire story progresses. I'm sorry that I never sent you that email, I got very busy with editing. Is this the story that I think it may be? Anyway, I finished all of my editing and have my book with readers. So, get in touch and I will send that - if you like. If not, I love where you are taking vampires. That is what I have been talking about.

  6. You have been needing to write this post for a LONG time! Your frustration with wimpy whiny vamps could only last so long before it exploded into this very blog entry.

    Glad to see you finally put out the call for vampires to man up! You must feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. LOVE IT!


  7. @ Soni: Welcome to my blog, and thank you for stopping by.

    @ Draven: I know all about getting caught up doing other things. I'll most likely get in touch here shortly.

    @ Kir: I know, right? Fucking sparklepires. 8P


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