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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Saint Valentine's Clash

So I can finally start really working on the sequel.  Final push here, and I'm going to try and have it done for a February release.  Ya know, because of the title and everything.

But I'm so happy, despite the time of the year.  I don't like Christmas, but I am looking forward to Valentine's.

Hope you are too.


  1. Excited to see SVC coming together. Can't wait to look at the new chapters.

    While I don't care about Christmas I love the winter solstice. It's my new years. Time for me to look at the things that succeed, and the things that were utter failures. What brought joy into my life, what kept joy from me? Next year I will do do more of the 1st and less of the 2nd.

    This is the 1 day of the year I truly make an effort to let my past mistakes and failures go. Take my accomplishments and the lessons learned from this past year and dump the crappy happenings and mistakes behind the garage and burn it! (metaphorically speaking of course).

    Of course the vampire lover in me loves the winter solstice because it's the longest night. The night when the darkness has gone as far as it can to overtake world. As we teeter on this longest night preparing to return to the light I can't help but wonder, "what if tomorrows night is longer". For some reason a part of me has always felt if there was one night when dark forces are going to reveal themselves and stamp their foot on the mortal realm, it will be the night of the winter solstice. Fingers Crossed?!?

  2. Hmmm, darkness rising on the solstice. There's a story waiting to happen there.

    More than 30 Days of Night.

    You'll get to read the new chapters soon enough. Hope you like the way the ending works out this way. Not that it's totally changed. Just different. And the fight in the alley. The end of that chapter has some surprising rage moments.

  3. As soon as I pressed "publish comment" I had the thought "Dark uprising on the solstice, Raven could write the hell out of that story".

    If V&K get a book 4 maybe that's your holiday. :P

  4. There are currently five planned.

    Four was going to take place around Thanksgiving, be Deathsgiving Feast. But now I may make it the solsitce


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