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Monday, December 27, 2010

The ultimate bad boy

So who is the ultimate paranatural bad boy?  Werewolf, zombie, vampire, dragon, something else?  Let's find out.

Zombie can come right off the list, because ewwwww.  Seriously, even if they had a mind, which they shouldn't, ewww.  They're rotting corpses that desire brains.  They're not supposed to have powers or anything, so they're not like vampires.  Vampires are dead in a cool way.

Werewolves, or any shapshifter really, are rough, vicious, ready to go.  They embody the wild and untamed, and it reflects in their mannerisms.  By their very nature, they won't be well-behaved or socially acceptable.  That doesn't make them bad boy enough for me, because they're really just animals.

Elves aren't mentioned very often, but I love them.  Not the Keebler kind, and not the Dungeons & Dragons shorties.  Elves are neat, and magical, and inhuman, but they're never really thought of as "bad".  Even when they're killing, they're still elegan and graceful and beautiful.

Demons are always considered evil, so they should technically be the baddest boys.  But there's also a line where evil becomes not fun, and demons are definitely on the wrong side.  A little Chaos is all right; falling for a being of pure Chaos is dangerous.

Vampires are often ranked as top bad boys.  Cold, mysterious, powerful, puppetmasters, gorgeous, seductive, the list goes on and on.  They fit in so many roles, from businessman to biker to rebel, and they fit the roles so well.  It's no secret they're my favorite contenders.

Dragons have a very special place in my heart, and I really should write more about them.  Done properly, they hate humans, they're wild and brutal, they think drawing blood and fighting is foreplay, and they're very dominate.  Magical, powerful, capable of so much, they really take the cake.

In the end, I can't pick an ultimate bad boy.  No one can, because it's so subjective.  What race do you think is the ultimate bad boy?


  1. Vampires are to me, the ultimate bad boys and will always be. They're my number one forever and ever, love them. Spot on about zombies = ew.

  2. do fallen angels count in the same category as demons? I'd get in on some of that unredeemable sinner action.

  3. Yes vampires are also definitely on my list of bad boys a/o reluctant-heros.

    The very nature of them as seductive yet deadly. Unpredictable yet irresistible. A passionate intensity, that albeit they be cold blooded themselves, they can make someone's blood run hot.
    They have certainly been a creative inspiration for many, myself included (esp. poetically)

    Weres would prob rank second... but distant, because as much as I admire the raw, untamed animalistic nature they possess. In my mind, it can be just too much.

    Vampires can be just the right amt of raw and untamed and feral, yet still seductive and mysterious...

  4. Kir: I think fallen angels can technically be their own category. Not really demons, just bad angels. Had totally forgotten about them.

    Soni: very inspiring. Just watched Interview with the Vampire again, and I was certainly inspiring.

    Alannah: tentacle demons have more appeal than zombies, yet I don't see them making waves in American books.


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