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Friday, April 22, 2011

#FridayFlash - The Journal 5


  1. Interesting how your series has calmed down, Raven. The handwriting is more normalized and legible, and what's going on seems clearer. Almost the reverse of the traditional ramp-up - or are we going back up again in the next few installments?

  2. I LOVE the single blood spot. This is really fun!

  3. I just realized from the comments that this is a series...silly me. I'm very intrigued by the hand-written story. You do get a lot more feeling with how you do that!

  4. This was cool before as a stand alone, but with the context of the others, this is fucking fantastic.

    A lot of experimentation goes horribly wrong, but this works really well. Here we are in the digital age with our digital type, e-mails, and word docs, and you have taken us back to where you don't need an emoticon to indicate feeling.

    I'd love to see some short stores that are hand-written with drawing in the margins, perhaps even the little drop of blood now and then.


    (That was an emoticon to tell you I liked this)

  5. A-ha! The reveal! This installment pulls the other ones into focus and now there's a sense of a "bigger picture" rather than merely a hint. Would love to see where this goes.

  6. I just read through all five entries. I love this experiment in writing. Fantastic job. Can't wait to see what the final entry will be.


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