Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To #market, or to #amwriting, that is the question

I already lose enough time in my life to my dayjob. Thankfully, I can do any writing or blogging or Tweeting there at all. That is a blessing, because then I'm not having to give up family or video game time when I'm at home.

But right now, I've also been chomped by the writing bug. I've written a chapter a day for a week and a half now. Meaning the third Keila book is cruising along, and I'm just under 40% done.

This means I've sacrificed some things. Like maintaining my blog, or really being active in Twitter. Not enough socializing because I'm pen to paper so much.

I miss my friends, but I'm just so absorbed. It's the Sophie's Choice of writers. (I love how dramatic that sounds.) Balancing is hard, especially when you're really driven to pour out a story. There's no turning it off once it flows.

As my husband says, I just need to remember this feeling the next time the words dry up.

So, know I miss you all, and I'm not snubbing you too much. It's just the curse of the author. I'll see you all soon.

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