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Friday, April 22, 2011

#vss meta megapost

Once I really got into Twitter, I found #vss. Very Short Story. I had my doubts at first: who the hell can tell a story in 140 characters? But it grew on me, and I found it really really fun. It takes some real thinking to condense down that far, to get a point across in one Tweet.

Here's all the #vss I've done so far, thanks to Snap Bird's timeline search. It'll be a lot of reading, but a good refresher and a fun exercise. Reverse order, so that very very very last one all the way down there is from October 9th.

I've clearly been enjoying this little writing exercise.

  • "This is for you Mother Earth," the dragon thought before her strafing run. Cities would soon be slag, little scars to be forgotten
  • Blue veins color her skin like a roadmap of lust and hunger.
  • The enchanted garden had a life of its own, and a hunger for human flesh.
  • "You'll never see me as a drug addict." She moved forward in line. "Large mocha with extra espresso, please."
  • She was too beautiful to be real. He took more LSD, and she became too horrific to be real.
  • "Love is like an escaped cobra; you can chase it down, but you might get bit."
  • "Don't lower yourself to their level." "How else do I get close enough to eat them?"
  • It was the best of times- The author threw the page out, realizing that opening would never sell.
  • "Ia. Ia Ie!" "I'm getting sick of your prank calls, Cthulhu." She hung up.
  • He drank deeply of her soul, taking in a lifetime of memories. The rush ended too quickly, and he sought another victim.
  • Surrounded by the bustling crowd, she longed for her sword. The peasants would respect her if she cut a few down.
  • A lesser Elder God, Cadbury was no less insidious. Worshippers awaited his seasonol creme with zeal.
  • "Screaming will be unnecessary," he said, drawing his knife. The boy cowered, tears streaming down his cheeks.
  • "It's dangerous to be alone," he told the little girl, taking her hand. "I know," she replied with a flash of fang.
  • The necromancer's servants were apalled by his hobby. Where had he learned flower arranging?
  • Watching the crows use tools, she wondered what they'd achieve with opposable thumbs.
  • Frustration killed Creativity. It was the biggest headline in years.
  • After burning down the village to save the maiden, people deemed him the Villainous Hero.
  • Crimson trailed along her long neck. I could love her forever if I hadn't drained her.
  • Bacteria lay dormant in the ice, eager for their day to rise.
  • Loneliness was her constant companion. Was she truly alone then?
  • She fainted, and the vampire rushed to pick her up. "Three second rule!"
  • The birds were ignored. Only when the infants died did anyone acknowledge End Times. Too little too late.
  • They called her gothic and shunned, never once realizing by knowing death she better life.
  • "You took a huge risk," the elf said. "we don't often reveal ourselves." The half-breed smiled wearily, tasting success.
  • The raven pecked greedily at her eyes. Such tender young flesh was not to be wasted. Rapists left the best pickings.
  • His return to the arena was met with much fanfare. His swift defeat was met with dumbfounded surprise.
  • Frost giants were known for their permafrost armor. The dragon wanted to see how long they took to melt.
  • Time flies when you're having fun, they say. Which explained why he was still at the scene of the crime when the police arrived.
  • The dragon awoke not to magic and wonder, but to skyscrapers and wifi. Glass and concrete burned just as easily he found.
  • She'd been warned to watch the company she kept, but satyrs knew how to party hearty.
  • Staring at their mess, she was glad ferrets didn't have opposable thumbs.
  • Removing her helm, the shieldmaiden looked back over the carnage. Hundreds dead was a good start, but more living dead waited.
  • You never realize the limits of your power until someone stronger has you by the throat.
  • Cthulhu hit snooze. The stars would still be right in ten minutes.
  • She pounded on the airlock door, klaxons screaming in the lab. "Too late," her partner said. Decontamination began.
  • "Breathe in the knowledge we have each other in the here and now. Always calms me, makes me smile." She fell into his arms.
  • She longed for others of her own kind. Living amongst the elves did nothing to assuage the troll's loneliness.
  • "Tease," he whispered. She laughed, licking his earlobe. "Just extended foreplay," she replied.
  • Hell opened a call center on Earth. Applications flooded in; they paid the best wages.
  • He held her tight, head pulled to the side. Her defenses were overwhelmed by the pleasurw of his bite.
  • In their ignorance, they thought to put the dragon in their zoo. Cages meant nothing to him, but cities were a buffet.
  • Her familiar purred to soothe her through the Devil's painful melody.
  • The elf checked her location on her phone, announcing arrival at the grocery store. When had memories of elfhame left her?
  • True art comes from the heart. A shame her victims didn't understand.
  • She fell into his arms, letting him take away the weight of the day. Nothing mattered when they were together.
  • The dragon stared at the troll in shock, trying to hold human form. How many monsters were working at this call center?
  • She let her stalker think he had the upper hand. Foolish man would cry when she revealed her true nature.
  • Settling in behind the sniper rifle, she'd show them what a hundred yard stare really was.
  • Two dead skunks, half a ton of insulation, and a leaky basement had been worth it to read about an Egyptian boy and his cat.
  • She struggled valiantly to resist his charms, but who could deny the black-haired count?
  • This was beyond pleasure. This was every intimacy wrapped in every rapture multiplied by their love.
  • "Beware the vices of scientists," Professor Lee said, "for we have access to unstable chemicals."
  • She squealed and kicked while he tickled her sides. Twenty years married, and she still made him feel like a child.
  • Another light went out behind me. "The dark or me?" she asked with a glimpse of fang. My blood ran cold as I sought a third option.
  • He wasn't the most traditional vamp. Did Dracula ever use a nightlight?
  • The Awakened ones had once lived as Pharoahs, as Kung Fu masters, as Mongols. Now they lived as Freerunners.
  • The sun would come out tomorrow, and bet your bottom dollar Annie's empty eyes wouldn't see it. No sun for her ever again.
  • The world spread below her, verdant and rich. How wonderful it would be to open her mouth and spread fire.
  • Dragons had a strong sense of family, never straying from their clans. Woe to those who come between family members.
  • He touched my neck, waiting for my answer. Give myself to a devil for the night to save my partner...was I supposed to say no?
  • Time belonged to them. As long as they were together, there would be happiness.
  • Bone lengthened, torqued, shortened. His skull throbbed as it shifted, teeth withdrawing into his jaw. Nothing like the full moon.
  • Eerie was more than a phase to him. It was a lifestyle, a way to stand out. Such a lonely life. 
  • The crisp clean air of the autumn night was laced with death. Shadows thickened, and she wondered if they knew about her.
  • The smug girl rolled her eyes. "If vampires were real-" "You'd never know," whispered the pale gentleman behind her.
  • Time was never going to stop. Nights went by too fast, each day one closer to death. Eternity in his arms still wasn't enough.
  • Pain filled his mind, anger in his heart. Life meant nothing, yet he couldn't let it go. He would find a way to survive.
  • Hollow, needing to feed, he lurked in the alley. There would eventually be someone, and he would feed
  • The wolves surrounded her. Their growls were drowned by her thunderous heartbeats. This was the end. 
  • The dragon roared, his shadow darkening the land. Children cried, wives cowered, and the sheep were forgotten.
  • Pain lanced through her neck, his fangs deep. He held her tightly, keeping her from escaping. Groaning at the ecstasy, she gave in.
  • He leaned in to kiss her cheek. She smiled, looking away from the wreck. "I would do it all again," he said, fading away.                                                              

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