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Friday, August 5, 2011

#FridayFlash - Hooking

ch 6, turn, hdc 4

It is like a magic formula, written in short hand. Only those initiated in the craft can understand.

2 sc, 2 hdc, 2 dc, repeat

Only one who practices the craft can understand the madness and the zen. The peaceful repetition. The frenzy of creation. The ultimate beauty of finishing.

6 hdc, ch 2, skip 2, 6 hdc

So much effort needed for one small thing. Hours of blood, sweat, and tears for an item smaller than a baseball. Time lost when having to start over. Frustration when nothing goes right.

dc to end, FO

But ultimate elation when finished. The look of joy on someone's face when gifted with a hand crafted item. Pride in making something unique.

To crochet is to embrace the chaos.


  1. I like the idea of it as a magic formula, a secret language. There's a wonderful rhythm to this, too.

  2. You could convince me it is a crazy squid language, or the code that lets you knit crazy squids.

  3. It's the secret code of the universe!

  4. "Ia! Ie!" might just be crafting shorthand. Cthulhu doesn't want us to go crazy, but to join his sewing circle.

  5. I was waiting for somebody to get bitten by a vampire or swallowed up by a magical black hole thing...But you tricked me.

    Wonderful change of pace from your usual. :)

  6. Loved it! I recognised the shorthand as crochet but I haven't done it in years. I love the finished toy too! ^__^

  7. I was totally expecting druids or sorcerers or something after reading that first code. Nice twist!

    And you left me thinking about my grandmother. She tried to teach me to crochet, but I never could get it. I can understand where it would be relaxing, though.

  8. Helen, thanks. Made that little bugger for my sister-in-law. In the pattern, he's supposed to be done with like an I hook, but I did him with size 8 thread and a B hook. Took forever. But totally worth it.

    Chuck, it does take a certain mindset. It was my grandma who taught me.

  9. Tentacled Chaos found with a sewing needle. Very creative twist!


  10. Ohmigod I love this! I've only just learned to crochet (having been a die hard knitter for a few years) but this is so, so true.

  11. With an olde one in the toy bin believe we found the reason Danny Lamb is insane!


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