Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I have to write

Everyone knows reading is a way to escape. Writing is just the next step. Escapism turns to godhood, and people make their way into our world.

I turned to writing not just to escape, but also to answer questions. What happens next? Why did he say that? Wouldn't it be better if the fight worked out this way?

My mind is extremely creative, and goes non-stop sometimes. I even play the "what if" game with myself. hat if that car had hit me? What if I'm Tweeting someone famous? What if I were to bite my husband just below the ear?

It's a lot of fun, even when it's aggravating. I had to take up writing or I'd go insane! Not every idea comes to light but enough of them do. I'll keep a few for myself and y'all can have the rest.

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  1. "It's a lot of fun, even when it's aggravating." I get this, completely!


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