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Monday, September 26, 2011

Immortals in love

Why does no one contemplate how hard it would be for an immortal or ancient being to fall for a mortal? A May-December relationship is rough enough. What do you even call a relationship spanning centuries instead of decades?

The biggest question that comes up for me is, "what does he see in her?" (Men always tend to be older in my works. Mild daddy complex.) She must surely seem naive, lacking in knowledge, with only the vaguest fram of reference to events he's actually lived through.

What would the conversation be like? he'd have to keep reminding himself what she would and wouldn't know. Her outlook on the world couldn't possibly span the concept of centuries, making her observations rather narrow.

So many pitfalls never really explored.

And no, Pot is not calling. Both my main couples (Keila and Varick, the Shalafaes) have their disparate age dynamic. I've never done a dissertation on the subject, but I have at least brought it up. Keila doesn't understand what the vampire sees in her at first, and Morrigana's very innocence calls to Alzair.

Maybe I'll have to make it an actual point of contention.

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  1. Why does anyone like anyone?

    I've often pondered why people like me. Basically for who I am.

    For a vampire/ancient being to fall in love or be in like(even) with a mortal is, I would presume, a pitfall that the vampire who has seen centuries must put up with. He's seen a lot of different centuries, and courted the ladies of those times. It's part of his "life", obviously. But the blood/sex thing could also be part of the driving force behind it all.

    Have a good one, Raven [^',


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