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Monday, October 10, 2011

Am I horror writer?

It's hard to identify myself as a horror writer. (I don't, but run with this.) Here's the reasons why I don't.

First, I don't really get scared. (See Fraidy Cat post) Thus I don't have the mindset of fear, so I'm never sure I'm crafting the scene properly.

Second, I've never thought gore and shock equate to horror. A gush of blood and severed limbs just don't affect me like most people, hence why I use it differently in my stories.

Third, I don't understand the genre enough to know where I git in. Not that I couldn't learn, I just haven't.

I'm content to be me, writing stories with bite, no matter what genre they might fall into.


  1. agreed completely. i consider myself a "surrealist dark urban fantasy" writer, but when asked to explain it i'm reduced to "screw it, horror then" too quick for my own good. the story's the thing, and figure out genre later...

  2. This is a self-definition issue that I'm working through as well.


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