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Friday, November 25, 2011

#FridayFlash - Celestial Navigators

"Some foolish necromancer is sending a zombie army up here." Laughter filled the great hall as the Celestial Navigators took in the news.

Jherig lifted a brow at the scout. "Zombies? Really?" The rest of the mercenaries returned to feasting on recently won food, trusting in their leader to handle the non-threat.

The scout grabbed a stein of ale and gulped it down. "Yes. Rendus was leading the other clerics through healing up the the masses when we found the undead. They're marching straight for the castle, not bothering to do anything else."

Silly leaned against her husband. "And Rendus didn't turn them?"

"There's about a thousand of them," the scout replied.

Jherig turned to face Silly. "Even he can't handle that many." She rolled her eyes playfully and returned to eating.

Sharrien glanced out the window. "Wist's drake could."

The mercenary leader nodded. "Indeed. Take them out and keep everyone from danger."

Silly threw her head back with laughter. "Zombies are flammable, after all."


  1. Those with the more liberal appetites might even cook and feast on the zombies tomorrow. Plenty of leftovers in the graveyard.

  2. They don't seem too concerned, do they? I suppose if you have a dragon at your disposal, there isn't much cause for concern though.

    I shared in the amusement. At least there won't be any collateral damage.

  3. Nice last line, that. XD

    (You've got a doubled "the" further up.)

  4. I'd certainly be concerned about a zombie army that wasn't feasting on any mass that required healing. They sound organised.


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