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Because my stories have bite, they can contain content that isn't suitable for work or children. Not a lot of truly graphic sex or violence, but there are some questionable or heated posts. F-bombs are not uncommon, so watch your footing.

The Shalafae Archives

Tales of the Shalafaes

I don't write about the Shalafaes in any particular order. Events come to me, and I pour the words out. But once they're posted here, I make sure to sort them chronologically.
I'm also fairly horrible with titling the /stories. So I pick one or two words that sum up whatever's going on. 

*Lord Shalafae is the head of the circle. He's gone by many names, through many ages of the universe. He's been too many different things in too many different times to list them all here. To his enemies, he's an absolute terror. To his family he is generous and loving. Though he no longer claims the title, he is a Chaos Lord.

*Kyra Shalafae is his younger sister. She was born of an unquiet grave, thus carries the memories of all her ancestors, and her presceience was out of control. She once decided to stop being crazy, disappeared, and came back well adjusted. Daggers are her favorite weapons. She is her brother's balance in that she reminds him not to take things seriously.

*Morrigana Shalafae is his daughter, princess of the Takishidar dragon clan, and a minor Chaos Lord. Originally meant to be his chief assassin and weapon against the dragons, her strength and innocence captured his heart. She is still his chief assassin, but is also his soulmate and wife. She is a woman of contradiction: innocent but an assassin; a fighter but a lover; a hunter and a predator, but cherishes animals; natural inclination to deserts and burned mountains but loves roses. She balances her father by reigniting his passions, and sharing her innocence with him.
Their circle is close, though they have many allies and associates. Only two others populate the circle; Shalafae's brother and Morrigana's elf.
*His brother spends much of his time in contemplation, or infiltrating for Shalafae. It was he, living as her dragon uncle, that betrayed her to Shalafae. Since they don't get along, I don't wrong about him often.

*Morrigana's elf Elthanael is her distant cousin. They met once as children, and he has been in love ever since. He understands he can never replace Shalfae in her heart, and is content to be the commander of her coterie of assassins. He is occassional her lover, but is mostly her best friend. Being with her is enough.