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Thursday, September 10, 2009

My cats are gay

Very gay. Really gay. of them is really gay. The other is just a total hedonist.

Ginger (the spare cat) is really gay. He comes up to Mackey, and he snuggles him, and licks and cleans him, and gives him adoring attention. It was kinda cute at first, and it wasn't that often.

Now, it's all the time. Ginger will even call for Mackey if he can't find him. And they've started spooning. Mackey likes to cuddle his face against me, and be held; Mackey is now doing it to Ginger. I just watched Ginger holding Mackey close, Mackey in a little ball shoving his face against Ginger's chest.

It's adorable. But gay.

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  1. Sounds lovely to me, perhaps they just genuinely care for another. That is love, without the status, kind love. :) At least there is that with your cats. With mine there is neither. The closest thing is the eldest Goldy hitting the smallest female, Rita.


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