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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Poor baby alligator

So, there's a fair sized park here in Vegas, that has a large pond. Fish and Game keep it stocked with fish, and there's ducks and geese, and some turtles, and peolpe come to hang out and bring their dogs and kids and stuff.

Yesterday morning, a fisherman hooked a three and a half foot alligator. He tied it up, called animal control, and they gave it to the fish and wildlife...who proceeded to euthanise it.


They killed it because they didn't have the facilities to care for it. They murdered an innocent little gator just because some nimrod didn't know how to take care of it.

That incenses me beyond description. Despite my vast vocabulary (expletives and not) I cannot frame how angry I am. It was a baby gator. It could have lived in a bathtub until a rescue group could have picked it up. They might have even been able to leave it at the Shark Reef (they have a croc) long enough to get it rescued.

There was no reason to kill it but sheer laziness. And that's a horrible horrible comment on society. Can't be bothered to kill off death row inmates or terminally ill people, but can jump right on killing an animal for being in the wrong place.

*growls and wanders off*