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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The dork table

So, I've changed teams at work. Which means working with different co-workers, sitting in a different area, reporting to a manager with different rules and stuff. The new rules aren't that complicated, or even that weird, so that's not the problem.

The problem is my co-workers. I'm sitting next to some of the dumbest, dorkiest people in the center. Just think about the dork table back in high school, those misfits that were so dorky the nerds didn't want them around. They're not even cool enough to be geeks.

It's frustrating, and annoying, because it means there's no one in my vicinity I want to talk to. They make me feel uncomfortable and disdainful, and I'm a nerd-of-all-trades. I know very well that I have some geeky aspects, that I care about things other people don't. (Example: I'm following a zoologoy blog because he talks about prehistoric mammals. And I find it fascinating.)

But these people...*shudders*...sweet gods, it's frightening. There's the dumpy one who can't speak above a mutter. There's the hyper spastic one with a new grandbaby who wants to make sure everyone knows about the new grandbaby. There's the young geek who's so happy she doesn't realize she's being a geek. There's the guy who's uncomfortable around people, but wants to be social and friendly anyway.

And then me, tucked in the corner, disliking them all. *grumble* Maybe it will mean less distratcions from my writing.