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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Rejected twice in a week

Bloody fucking hell, talk about getting licked. Rejected twice for the same book in one week. OUCH!

I'm already pretty much over it, though the second editor's words stung a little more than the one who couldn't be bothered to tell me why they didn't want my book. I was told my book was a little young adult, and that my heroine was too young.

Keh! If I suddenly made her two years older, would that have changed it? Nineteen is a bloody adult. Especially when you have a character who's a sociopath who's already killed people.


Whatever. I can't change stupid woman's opinion. I've certainly read dumber books that were put into physical print. I'll just have to keep at it, and eventually find someone who's willing to take a chance.

As my wonderful old man is wont to point out: every author got rejected before they got published.

So, I need to really take his advice. Keep writing because I enjoy it, and it makes me happy. Do not let the opinions of strangers affect me.

I'm taking that to heart enough, I almost want to see how many rejections I can wrack up. Like a badge of honor. It's not my fault people are too short-sighted to enjoy what I've got.