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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Self improvement

So, I'm finally getting motivated to fix some of my problems. It started as my old man's idea, but I'm running with it. I'm just too impatient to do it at his pace.

In coming up with ideas on how to "fix" myself, I've decided to give myself a schedule of sorts. Part of my schedule is going to make me get back into painting and drawing, even though I'll never make it as a career. (I accepted this a while ago) While I'll never be much good at it, I have fun, and my family seems to appreciate the little painted gifts.

I also want to start a serial story, of sorts. I'm resurrecting an old RP character I had on a message board, and I'm going to continue her posts. That RP board was mostly everyone just telling a little story, post by post. There was no game, or overall story, or anything. I had done quite a bit with her, so I've got plenty of old material to rewrite. Need to take out other people's characters and stuff. 8P

Because of this, I'll be adding a couple of set posting days to my blog. Look forward to that. I'm just trying to build up a few posts worth of stuff, so if I fall behind, I still have something available.


  1. I'll look forward to reading your serial when you get going with that...and I wish you well on the self-improvement. Something we all need to do occasionally, annoying though it is.

    You need a follower button - so I can follow you! :-)

  2. Well, I'll have to put a button on there. Haven't had a real call for followers yet.


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