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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday Sketch

A plethora of dragon sketches. I like doing headshots, since there's so much to their crowns, and the scales around the eyes, and the way they tilt their head.

A lot of dragon body language is actually based around their head, and which angle they tilt to.

In the upper right, you'll also see a drake. A drake is a cousin to the dragon. Both are sentient, magical beings, but dragons are more violent, and drakes are slightly more peaceful and contemplative. It's not to say drakes won't fight, and they're still meat eaters; they just prefer to solve their problems through debate rather than duels.

Because drakes are not as violent as their dragon cousins, they haven't developed some of the same physical displays as dragons. Dragons have bristly spikes and scales, and they look intimidating. Drakes tend to have spiral horns and smooth scales. To make up for this, they were more jewelry and armor. It's a combination of beautiful jewelry and violent display, meaning they have jewels and chains on sharp edges.

Drakes are weird like that.