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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Broken winged ravens and other stuff

Been a while since I actually updated here. I love the scheduled posts. 8P So, I thought I'd come babble for a bit.

There's a raven who broke his wing who has found himself a decent place to live. The corner store near our house has an attached McDonald's, and is also near a little casino. There's a big open field, and some trees in the median. There's a decent amount of traffic, but not a lot of people in the field. All in all, it's not too bad. A little dangerous from the cars, but he's smart enough to know how to judge traffic.

The old man and I feel bad for him, because he's maimed, and will never fly again. We've seen him there for three months, and we've watched him unable to get off the ground. He hops really well, and he's fast when he wants to. He can sort of flutter, but not really. We watched the poor guy try to take off, and he lists bad to one side, and he can't get an actual flap going on.

But there's not much we can do. He's wild and skitish, so runs from people when they get with twenty feet of him. But he's smart, and isn't just diving into traffic. He's obviously learned to fend for himself, because he's been there for months. He can get in some of the trees, so he's not completely stuck on the ground. We'd feel better if we could take him in and keep him secure, but he's too neurotic.

While it's heartbreaking, it's also really amazing. He's getting past a disability, and doing well. I hope he makes it through the winter.

My snake is growing like a weed again. She's eating hoppers, and she was so confused by the fur. For about a minute. Then she realized furry mice are as edible as hairless mouse. I also gave her a fake cat skull decoration, and she loves it. She curls up in it, and poses on it, and burrows under it. Happy snakey.

I love embroidery. I love stitching. It's so fun. Definitely feels like a lost art. I'm getting such a kick out of it.