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Thursday, October 29, 2009

General updating

Been a little distracted lately. Makes it hard to want to sign in and post.
Work is stupid as ever. Seriously retarded. Trying not to let it get
to me, but that's a challenge.
It's finally getting cold here. Hasn't felt like Halloween and
October until a couple days ago. Which is why I haven't decorated for
trick or treaters. Thinking about keeping the candy all to myself.
My snake made her first kill. She was SO cute. She wanted to eat it,
knew it was yummy food, but it upset her. So, she was stalking it in
her reared up angry pose. Once Flash finally caught it, she would't
keep a strong enough coil, and every time she relaxed, the mouse drew
a huge breath of air. Once she finally managed to killbit, ahe
gobblegobblegobbled it down.
My main distraction has been working on my first novel. My old man's
other great love read through it for me, gave me her notes and
opinions, and I've been mulling them over. In the last week, I've
started implenting the changes I came up with. It's going great, and
I've made some interesting changes. Like, took the prologue out, and
changed a few of my character's reactions, and added a new scene. I
owe Kir a huge thanks. *waves*
I'm about to start a week vacation from work. Huzzah for not working.