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Saturday, November 21, 2009


I love the animals in my life. And I love seeing wild ones doing their thing.
The broken raven is still doing well. Went a couple of weeks without
seeing him, and I got worried. Saw him twice is two days, and
immediately felt better. I'm still really bummed he can't fly, but I
love that he's too spirited to die.
Saw a hawk yesterday, eating a pigeon. It was a big hawk, definitely
not a falcon, and it was happily chowing down. The amazing part: it
was on top of a 7-eleven eight miles into town. I've seen a couple
hawks near my house, but I live near open desert, and a bird preserve.
It was awesome to see her in the city.
My snake appears to have vision problems. Whenever her face gets wet,
Flash rubs her eyes like she has eyecaps stuck. But I check every
shed, and it's always clean. Poor thing is apparently a casualty of
the puppy-mill style snake breeders. Obviously some fresh genetics
were needed in her line. I wouldn't mind, but it makes her scared of
large food, and she won't eat what scares her. I wasted a lot of
hoppers figuring that out. 8( But she's getting some live feeders
right now, so she's a happy little hunter. When she grows up, I'll
probably get her a garter snake so she can be the King snake she is.
Mackey is getting his winter coat. He's so soft and fluffy. Ginger
actually looks slimmer, but he always had a thick coat. They're frisky
as the cold comes on.